One of the most important aspects of buying a premium pair of sunglasses is not necessarily the design, but the sun lenses.

The health of your eyes and the protection you provide for them is incredibly important – particularly in today’s sun, where UV rays have increased substantially over the past 30 years. In the same way you protect your skin with sun lotion, the quality of your sun lens is paramount to the safety of your eyes and is one of the defining differences between lower and higher priced sunglasses.

At Oliver Goldsmith, we work with a fantastic Italian lens supplier. They are a small, family owned factory who have years of experience and provide us with beautiful high-grade lenses. Long-exposure to ultraviolet rays, especially UVB can damage the eye’s surface and internal structures; contribute to the development of retinal damage, cataracts and macular degeneration.

So, how to know you’re choosing a frame with good quality lenses? Aim for 100% UV blockage. We mainly use CR39 and just like polycarbonate, they block 100% of UV light, whilst many cheap sunglasses will use an inferior material. The more sensitive your eyes are to light, the darker your sunglass tint should be. Bright tints and gradient tints, such as our Winter Sun Collection, are ideal on cloudy days with little sunlight, whereas dark tints protect your eyes in strong sunshine.

At OG, we promise to only provide the finest components for our frames, across every collection.  Our lenses feature 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation, providing optimum protection for your eyes. So, put your trust in us and enjoy comfortable vision when you're outdoors in the sun, without compromise.

Oliver Goldsmith